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Heather Meier
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a freelance artist. I work mainly with traditional art and digital photography but do work in other feels as well. Please visit my website if you would like to hire me for any freelance work or learn more about what I do: www.thecrazyraven.portfoliobox… you can also contact me at

I am the co-creator/developer of Healing Star Comic which can be found here: , SisterBearInk . My partner for this project is TheOriginalNunky

Besides dA I have the following websites where you can follow me:

So... yea... come follow me on Instagram, I will be posting sketches and maybe some photography there ;  

Also, going to be posting sketchedumps and finished works on my Tumblr

And of course my website where you can find information about how to contact me for commissions or freelance work

dA's changes have not been my favorite and I have been getting on here less and my TheOriginalNunky has recommended I just post more on Tumblr and Instagram instead so you will be seeing a lot more of me on those sights.
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Weekly Prompt 5: Fairy Dust by AmiiPanda
Weekly Prompt 5: Fairy Dust
one of my Original Characters. This is my first attempt at creating a Fairy Dust effect.

Character and Art belongs to me, please do not use or reproduce without my permission.
She was a simple farm girl, when they took her away, from her parents home. she had been happy, on the ranch, taking care of the horses, for her papa. When a cold hand had covered her mouth, she tried to scream, but the large hand muffled the sound. Several more men surrounded her, lifting her kicking legs off the ground. Another, covered her eyes with a dark cloth and she felt herself fall into a deep sleep.
Days went by, for her, before her captors woke her. She tried to struggle, but found her body stiff and unwilling to listen to her commands. No doubt, the same magic that had kept her asleep, now held her in the chair. With a hiss and a flash of fangs, she twisted her head, to look at the one with magic. He was nodding, as one of the other men spoke to him, in hushed voices. He then turned to her and approached.
“A pity, it seems your father will not meet his Lord's demands,” he spoke, in a low growl. “It is also a pity, that instead of listening, he has hired a man to come rescue you.” He shook his head and lifted a hand, flames began to form, into a ball of fire on his palm. “I have orders to leave you with a reminder , to your father, of whom he serves.”
The flame drew close to her and she tried to get free. As the flame reached her, she let out a scream. It was a focused fire, touching nothing but her eyes. It only took a moment for her to be blinded.
The fire was gone, as quickly as she had felt it, but a strange sound twitched her wolf ears. It was the sound of a thump against the ground. Her body could move again, and she shuddered with a sob. She flinched, as two hands snatched her shoulders, but they were gentle. One of those hands brushed her cheek and she thought she might have been being examined.
“I am sorry, I got here a little too late,” the voice spoke softly.
This must have been the man her father had sent, to save her. Another shudder of a sob and she was hugging him. He was not that much older than her, the differences in their age only marked by their different races. She took in his smell, as he picked her up, not a smell she knew, so she touched his cheek, feeling a youthful and angular face.
She slid her hands up further, feeling long hair then two ears, they were fluffy like hers but they were not the ears of a wolf. She smiled softly, as she stroked them, finding some comfort in them.
The man took her, from her captors, and returned her to her family. She did not know his name, but she knew she would find him again, to thank him. As he, would forever be to her, as her Hero.
Character Origins: Hero
This is an old idea, that I just never got around to writing. The origins of one of my earliest characters. 

Story belongs to me, please do not use without my permission.

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